Reports of accidents and incidents

The function to display depending on the date of insert is available from 1 th May 2012.

Publisher Date of event Incident number Report Registration mark
AAII 2023-10-16 CZ-23-1248 Final report Accident next
AAII 2023-09-12 CZ-23-1075 Final report Accident next
AAII 2023-06-28 CZ-23-0571 Final report Accident next
AAII 2022-09-24 CZ-22-1101 Final report Accident next
AAII 2022-08-14 CZ-22-0885 Final report Accident next
AAII 2022-08-09 CZ-22-0857 Final report Accident next
AAII 2022-08-01 CZ-22-0805 Final report Accident next
AAII 2022-07-31 CZ-22-0792 Final report Accident next
AAII 2022-07-09 CZ-22-0675 Final report Accident next
AAII 2022-06-30 CZ-22-0627 Final report Serious incident next


TThe basic legal regulation ruling the way investigation reports should be worked out is the European Parliament and Council (EU) Regulation No 996/2010 on investigation and prevention of accidents and incidents in civil aviation and on cancellation of 94/56/EC Directive. Our national legislation is defined by Civil Aviation Act 49/1997 Coll, § 55a – 55d. Every investigation into an air accident or incident ends up in drawing up a report the form of which corresponds to the character and gravity of the occurrence in question.

Air accidents and serious incidents are subject of investigation pursuing only one goal which is the prevention of future potential mishaps without determining blame or responsibility. L 13 Regulation on looking into technical aspects of air accidents and incidents is also closely linked with the Civil Aviation Act. Details are given in a consulting material ICAO – DOC 9756 – Manual of Aircraft of Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation, Part IV Reporting. Reports are published on the results of investigations carried out by AAII itself and by other relevant organizations. Contents of a particular reports is displayed by clicking on the marked report in the relevant line.

Reports are issued by:

Air Accident Investigation Institute (in Czech ÚZPLN - Ústav pro odborné zjišťování příčin leteckých nehod), Beranových 130, 199 01 Praha – Letňany.

In English or maybe in Russian are published only final reports that have been sent to ICAO, European Commission, EASA or to states which are directly concerned with the event in question. Other events are published only in Czech.