Reporting an air accident or incident – skydiving

Note: Obligatory reporting – The Civil Aviation Act requires aircraft operators or pilots, or air service operators to report without undue delay every air accident or incident having occurred on the territory of the Czech Republic to AAII and CAA. In skydiving, the duty of reporting comes under responsibility of the para-jumps controller.

B Main canopy type:
Main Canopy Size:
Reserve Canopy Type:
Type of Harness with Container:
Type of AAD (Automatic Activation Device):
AAD Setting - Student/Expert/Tandem etc.
C Rig Owner:
D Skydiver’s name:
- Nationality:
- Category:
Parachutist's Weight Estimation:
Number of jumps (last 3 months):
Number of jumps (total):
Instructor’s name (cat. S, A, B only):
Tandem pasenger’s name:
- Nationality:
E Event date:
Time (local):
F Site of last takeoff:
Jump landing area:
H Number of fatalities:
Number of seriously injuries:
Number of minor injuries:
No injuries:
I Event description:
J Damage description and scope:
K Parachuting controller (name, contact):
L Other persons who can give relevant information (name, contact):

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